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Must Haves on Your Disney Packing List for 2021

If you’d prefer to watch in Vlog style instead of reading through, check out this video I made for my Disney travel clients!

Here are 10 of the top items I would not go to Disney without! Plus some bonuses at the end since I’ve made a few more trips since this video was made!

#1: A Small Bag

My first must have for packing for Disney is a small bag. This doubles as my personal item on the plan most times. I, personally, use a Kavu brand, cross body bag. It is small enough to fit my essentials like credit cards/cash, a reusable bottle of water, hair elastic and cell phone. But it’s also small enough to keep me from lugging around our entire wardrobe and things for the whole family. If you have small kids and still need diapers, bottles, clothing changes etc, then you’ll likely still have a stroller. I suggest packing a secondary backpack or diaper bag with no valuables and leaving that in the bottom of the stroller. Your legs will already be sore from walking 5-10 miles a day. Don’t add shoulder and back pain to that!

We have beat the crap out of this bag and it’s lasted years and years so far- and many fun colors/designs to choose from!
#2: Band-Aids/Blister pads

People do more walking than they anticipate at Disney. Even if you are wearing your regular shoes, you may have more friction than you’re used to! Of course, you can purchase Band-Aids at the gift shop in the lobby, but since they don’t take up much room and if you want to save some money, pack some from home.

This kit packs super small! Don’t forget to check the coupon box!

#3: Supportive Shoes

In the same vein, bring your sneakers- or whatever shoes you’re used to walking in. This is not the time to get brand new kicks or to try to be super cute at the expense of comfort. Again, the mileage accrued at Disney is something you may not even notice until it’s too late. For sandals, I prefer Tevas because they strap on, have good arch support and are very lightweight.

#4: A Travel Towel

These can serve so many purposes. Some people like Turkish Towels but you can also use one specifically designed for quick drying. I have one of these in my bag no matter where we go. They can be thrown over a stroller for shade, used to mop off rainwater if something gets wet, used for seating if you are sitting down on the ground to eat or for a parade, toweling off after Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids- the options are endless.

Must Haves on Your Disney Packing List
This Rainleaf towel comes in various sizes and even the larger ones roll up very compact.
#5: A Stroller

If you are wondering if you should bring a stroller, bring a stroller. Of course you can rent a stroller from Disney or from a stroller rental company, but if you’re flying, you might want one for the airport anyway. You can gate check most strollers for free. Double check with your airline as we did have to bag check a jogging stroller once. Once C was potty trained and we were traveling a bit lighter, we switched to an umbrella stroller, which we used that up until she was 6.5yrs old and pushing the weight limits- and I bet she would have used one beyond that if we brought one. If you think 5-10 miles is a lot of walking for an adult, imagine having tiny legs!

This cute Mickey stroller holds kids up to 40lbs and is sturdy enough for Disney terrain

Grab my Freebie (3 full color, customizable packing lists) here!

#6: Body Glide or other anti-chafing stick

This comes as a small deodorant looking stick and can be used anywhere skin rubs together to prevent chafing. You may be wearing shorts due to the heat and this can prevent the dreaded “chub rub” between your thighs or under your arms/bra line in certain tank tops. It may seem like over kill but you’ll thank me if you hit up a water park and are walking around in a bathing suit all day!

#7: A power pack or portable charger

Between taking photos and using the MyDisneyExperience app on your phone, you will drain your battery faster than you think. You can bring a small, wallet sized external charger to charge in your bag, as you won’t likely be sitting in one spot long enough to plug a charger in. Disney has also started carrying Fuel Rods. You can purchase these ahead of time on Amazon and swap them out at the charging stations for a new, fully charged Rod, or you can purchase one right at the kiosks and then continue swapping them out. They don’t last as long as our external battery packs but as they’re rechargable or can be swapped out, it hasn’t been a problem. They’re also smaller and more portable (about the size of 2 D batteries stacked).

These come in a pack of 2 and can be swapped for fully charged rods at kiosks in the parks or you can recharge them in your hotel room
#8: Sun Protection

This includes sunscreen for you and your kids. Don’t forget to reapply! I’m also including hats and sunglasses in this section because I have a tendency to leave for sunny Florida with zero sunglasses and end up having to pay for some to avoid a headache while I’m squinting around the park.

My favorite kid safe brand for avoiding the dreaded burn!
#9: A Light Layer

I have developed quite the addiction to Disney’s Spirit Jerseys. They are great for tying around your waist during the day and being able to throw on in the evening and showing that Disney spirit! Regardless what you choose, my vote is something that either rolls up really small to go in your bag or something you can tie around your waist. Florida is notorious for having some unpredictable weather and it can definitely get chilly in the evening, especially if you’ve been visiting water rides or get caught in the rain.

#10: Ponchos!

*Pro Tip: get these at the dollar store ahead of time.

These take up almost zero space and can come in so handy. I know, I know. It’s a little stereotypical Disney, but I will tell you, a poncho can be thrown over a stroller, over a child and over yourself to avoid being squishy, wet and cold. A poncho at disney will cost about $15-20, so you’re better off coming prepared for this one. I did a lot of babywearing when C was little and I didn’t have to cringe when tearing my poncho down the chest for her head to pop through when it cost me $1 instead of $15.

These are 5 for $12 but I love the longer sleeve intead of an open side like the dollar store version


For 3 free packing lists so you don’t forget all your newly important items:

*Don’t forget your Magic Bands and pack them in your carry-on! You’ll use these almost everywhere including the Magical Express (before it disappears for good) so it’ll be handy to start wearing these once you’re on the plane.*

I hope you found this list helpful and I cannot stress enough- the most important thing you can bring is a good attitude! It will be hot at times, things may go wrong or you will get stressed. Handling this with a good attitude will make a huge difference in your trip!

And what not to bring:


-Selfie Sticks


-Shoes with wheels in the heel

-Wagons (must have a push stroller. Check dimensions of your stroller if it is oversized)

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