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I’ve worn a lot of hats…

Collegiate athlete, nurse, Teacher, Life Coach, Cancer Survivor- but my favorite is Traveling Mom. I decided over a decade ago that life is short and I wanted to see the world. My best travel bud, Cora, and I have been wandering the globe for the past 7 years, worldschooling, making imperfectly perfect memories and learning all we can while having fun in this messy world.

Not Your Typical Travel Blog

If there’s anything I’ve learned about traveling as a mom over the past 7+ years, it’s that I was not meant to be an IG model/influencer. For every perfect photo, there are 10 where someone was crying, sweating or swearing- and eventually, the memory becomes trying to get the perfect photo instead of enjoying the moment. So we’re keeping it real here. You get to see behind the curtains here at what goes into traveling with kids, tips for your best travel yet (hint, it involves lowering some bars), world schooling across the globe and trying to keep ourselves happy and healthy! Keep reading if you’re looking for travel tips, reviews and stories with a touch of humor and a dash of heart!

Jet Lagged? Greasy Hair because you prioritized your kid being clean? Still sweating off yesterday’s makeup after successfully wrangling your family to your vacation destination?
Sunglasses, top knot and take the picture anyway! You did it! If these are the types of travel tips you’re looking for, I have a feeling we could be great friends!

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