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Cancer Update 9/3/21

cancer update

#8 of 12 treatments done today…

Today I chatted with the NP about the struggles I’ve been having- specifically with anxiety and anticipatory nausea. Make sure you talk to your healthcare providers about your mental wellness. It’s so important not to keep it to yourself. She had some great advice on medication changes which will hopefully help because therapy has been less than productive so far.

I also found out that after review with some specialists, they’ve decided I don’t need radiation! So hopefully, by Halloween, this is all wrapped up and by holiday season it’s a memory more than a reality. Labs continue to be “ok”. I’ve been warned plenty of times that they could drop to near zero and it hasn’t gotten that bad yet.

Hair is still thinning but some of it is also growing so I have no idea what it’ll look like week after week! It is still way too hot here to wear my wigs!

I also got to hear two patients ring “the bell” today signifying the end of their chemo journeys and I burst into tears and applause with happiness for them and I can’t wait to ring that bell myself!



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