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My Favorite Planner (paper vs. digital)

If I showed you my drawer of planners…. Wait… I’ll just do it….

Planners for (roughly) 2012-2020

Ok, so you can see I’m an afficionado.  I keep my planners mostly because my mom always kept her pocket calendars.  She had the little checkbook sized pocket planners that she used up until the day she died.  We now have them and I have loved being able to look back at her handwriting and the mundane, little things she was doing day to day throughout her life.  It’s that nostalgic hoarder side of me that keeps this drawer packed full. 

So, believe me when I say I’ve tried them all.  If you didn’t know, planning is a whole thing.  There were a few years where stickers, washi tape, highlighters and pens took over all of my desk, our dining room table, a shelf in a closet and more.  I’ve since switched to a digital planner but paper products still have a special place in my heart so I’ll share those as well. 

This article is a bit of a departure from my usual content, but it’s one of the questions I get the most, especially from homeschool/worldschool families, so I wanted to be able to put my top 2 planners in one place and answer your questions!

Now, like I said, I will always love a paper planner.  It’s actually my preferred way to plan even though I am using a digital planner at the moment. After testing out all the big names, Plum Paper was a solid winner.  (If you want to give them a try, you can shoot me a message through my contact page for 10% off).  Despite not using their planners anymore, I do still order other paper products that help me organize my week.  The thing I love about PP is how customizable they are.  Not only are there are many, many formats and sizes to choose from but the number of add ons like homeschool, health and wellness, meal planning, budgeting and even blank pages to make your own.  The paper is a gorgeous quality and just soft, if you can call paper that.  It’s nice and thick and there’s no bleed through with any ink I’ve ever tried.  For a more in depth look at one of their planners, check out this video of my unboxing from a couple years ago.

Plum Paper’s weekly “to do” list is one of the items I still order from them. It comes as a large pad of the same, high quality paper that can stand up to moving around the house, scribbling and crossing out and even some spills. It helps me sort out chores and appointments and keep the week at a glance on my dining room table.  I even use the bottom section as a honey-do list and J knows he can check there for things that have been delegated to him.  This way, I still get the satisfaction of crossing off to-do items and I don’t have to fit things like “clean the litterbox” and “shower” (yes, really) on my planner square for the day.

Look for these under “Stationary>Notepads>Weekly Notepads on Plum Paper’s site

Now, my current planner and favorite is a digital app that incorporates almost all my favorite things about a paper planner (yes, stickers and highlighting!) and keeps it super handy.  My big reason for going digital was that I just needed something that was with me all the time- and I mean ALL the time.  And that is my phone.  I was just having too many instances during travel or errands, where I didn’t bring my paper planner with me and I’d tell myself that lie we are all guilty of- “oh I’ll remember to add it later”.  Appointments and meetings were at frequent risk of being double booked and I needed to be more accountable.  Enter Artful Agenda.  With different digital covers and fonts, a planner layout on a computer and an easily readable app, I was able to color code, “cross off”, list and plan, all while still using stickers!  With an annual subscription costing a fraction ($35) of what I’d spend on a paper planner/accessories plus a free trial, it became a no brainer to give it a try.

(My readers will receive an extra free cover and 2 sticker packs with their subscription, using


Mobile view of the app on my phone


I’m on year 3 with a digital planner and while I did dip a toe back into paper planner world when Aldi came out with an adorable version, I’ve become to used to my app to go back fully right now.  Tell me,  What planner do you use?  Digital?  Paper?  Do you have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned here?

Happy Planning!


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