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Pop Up Picnic: Unique Experience in North Myrtle Beach

Sunset, snacks, ocean waves lulling you into a meditative state 20 feet away… It doesn’t get any better, right? Well, what if I told you that sitting your tush on a fluffy pillow while food and drinks someone else shopped for and set up for you was an option?

Take my money and call me a princess!!!

Myrtle Beach is a lot of things. Take a look around at any moment, and you’re likely to find a mom:

  • -slathering her kid in sunscreen
  • -digging a kiddie pool in the sand for the baby that’s too small to swim
  • -sweating and trying to stand in the shade of a giant zebra at mini golf
  • -building a sand castle when all she wants to do is read a book under the umbrella while someone else keeps her kids safe from sharks and undertows and wandering off.

Why do we do it? Because we love our families and want them to have a magical time on vacation. We are in the memory making business when we sign up to become parents. But let me tell you- if I had to pick one thing to do again in the Myrtle Beach area, it would include sending a message to Jordan at Pop Up Picnics.

We are always on the hunt for unique things to do. I love dipping a toe outside the box. I’m not talking eating scorpions at the local market in Thailand, but heck, we own a home in North Myrtle Beach and have yet to go mini golfing and it’s practically the mini golf capital of the world. I love hunting for unique opportunities.

My first thought when I saw the gorgeous set ups at PUP was “omg, C is going to love this!”. Then I dove in further and realized that I wanted to do this for me! I wish this was around when I was in the bridal shower/baby shower stage of my life because this would have been perfect. Carolina Pop Up Events packages start at $200 for a date night and advertise “no event is too big or two small”. They include packages for a Girl’s Night Out and even a Movie Night that can be set up in your own back yard with a popcorn machine! They also offer fully customizable packages to fit any need. You can check out their site here.

The ordering process was seemless. After browsing their site a bit, I submitted a contact form with the basic info and type of luxury picnic we were imagining. I received a confirmation and then a personalized email from Jordan letting me know I’d receive a form to fill out more info/preferences and that we’d chat again closer to the picnic date. We filled out a Google doc to make the owners aware of any food allergies and preferences, including color scheme.

So, why was this so much fun? I had to do nothing but show up. If you’re a mom, or the planner in your family, you know that all the details are up to you and sometimes that comes at the expense of some of the magic. You know when you plan your kid’s birthday party and get lots of compliments on how cute it was, but you didn’t really get to experience it yourself because you were making sure everyone else had what they needed? But, with a pop up beach picnic, I didn’t have to lift a finger. We walked out of our condo, found the spot on the beach all the treats were laid out, sat and ate our fill and then walked away to finish watching the sunset and it was all cleaned up by someone else. <— (best part!)

Would I do it again?

All in all, this was a 10/10, would definitely do it again! We recommend it to all our guests in North Myrtle Beach and I think it makes the perfect gift for a family member or just for yourself!

Have you ever had a pop up picnic? Is this something you think you’d enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!


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