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Quick Tips for Cheap Flights

Be Flexible with your Airports

Do you ALWAYS travel from your favorite airport? Is there another perhaps just a little further or that you could get to the night before? Think about it this way. You find airfare for your family of 3 for $200 cheaper per person from a different airport. Could drive 3 hours to that airport, pay $99 for a hotel for the night and save a net of $501 on the trip? It’s always worth checking since different airlines have different hubs and routes flown. Same goes for the arrival end too!

Scott’s Cheap Flights

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I’ve tried a few different subscriptions to be sent cheap flight deals. Most have a free option or you can pay a small fee to get the “premium” version. I’ve found Scott’s Cheap Flights to be the most user friendly and simple. They will send you regular emails, show you the dates they are valid for, tell you how long they expect the deal to last and also link you to where to grab it. You can check out their site (paid and free versions) here.

Follow Zach Burrabel on TikTok

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Does he look familiar? Well if you’re a millenial and watch TV, he certainly might! Zach is my favorite actor turned travel hacker. When he gets to explaining “How to fly First Class for $2.62” in under a minute on a TikTok, I am enthralled! Head on over to his TikTok, @zacharyburrabel, for tips on using credit cards, points and other travel hacks to see the world on a budget! He’s gotchu babayyyyy!

Google Flights

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Google flights may or may not be the best kept secret in flight hacking. It’s not exactly a secret, BUT, there are a lot of features no one knows about. I learned about them from Zach Burrabel on TikTok obviously! Google flights will not only show you months at a time to check rates, but you can also check multiple departure cities at a time, get an idea if prices are high or low for what you’re looking at and just show you cheap routes if you’re totally open as to where you go!

Do you have any travel hacks for cheap flights that weren’t listed here? Comment below!


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