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The Best time to visit Orlando, Florida

I get asked this A LOT!!  Mainly by people who are looking to book trips to Orlando Theme Parks like Disney World and Universal Studios.

And a few years ago, I could have given a much clearer answer.  There were better times than others to go.  It was a delicate balancing act between weather, crowds, rain and school schedules.  Now, however, between the pandemic, crowd calculators, technology allowing everyone to know the “best times” to visit and just general business, things aren’t so clear.

I can definitely say that I would never want to be there the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  The parks notoriously hit capacity and feeling like a hot, sweaty sardine is not a good time for me.  Summers in FL are hot as well.   And they are crowded.  But this is when families with school age kids can most often go.  With taking some extra precautions for heat and sun, you can have a great summer vacation.  Check out these quick tips to making the most of summer (or any hot time) at the Orlando theme parks.

October used to be our go to for trips.  I love the fall decorations on Main Street at Magic Kingdom and sometimes temps have cooled off.  But I’ve gone in October and bought blankets to wear and I’ve gone in January and melted!  There is not often much rhyme or reason to weather in Orlando!  Hurricane season can lend some extra rain but can also clear out a park and long lines.


Check out this data and then scroll down for my suggestions!


Monthly Average Temperature (°F) and Humidity (%):

Month Average High (°F) Average Low (°F) Average Humidity (%)
January 71 49 68
February 74 51 66
March 78 56 64
April 83 61 60
May 88 67 61
June 91 73 65
July 92 74 68
August 92 74 69
September 90 73 68
October 84 66 68
November 77 58 68
December 72 52 68

Monthly Average Rainfall (inches):

Month Average Rainfall (in)
January 2.52
February 2.51
March 3.83
April 2.53
May 3.85
June 7.14
July 7.48
August 6.54
September 5.61
October 3.40
November 2.05
December 2.12

Hurricane Season in Orlando, FL: The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th. Orlando, FL, being located in Central Florida, is susceptible to the impacts of hurricanes, although the likelihood of a direct hit is relatively low. However, it is important to monitor weather updates and be prepared during the hurricane season.

All this to say, there’s no perfect time anymore.  I recommend evaluating things based on your families needs.  Do you know your kids will not be able to handle sweltering heat?  Are you a Christmas time/Hallmark Movie/eggnog and elves machine and want to see the holiday decorations?   Here are my suggestions


I would worry less about the weather and check forcasts as you get closer so you know what to pack.  You can always throw a long sleeve shirt under your matching family tie-dye Mickey shirts!


Prepare for rain.  It’s Florida.  Don’t despair if the forecast says rain every day.  It’s not usually an all day, every day thing.  Grab some ponchos (don’t forget one to throw over the stroller) and go do indoor activities during the afternoon downpour!


Have a mindset chat with the adults (and then kids) in your party!  This is one tip that gets skipped too often.  Got a claustrophobic sister?  A grumpy dad?  A simple “listen guys, it’s going to get uncomfortable at times.  Let’s communicate and if we’re getting to hot, we can head to one of these indoor/air conditioned rides”.  If the weather takes a turn, let’s wait it out here, or head to the hotel for some pool time once things clear” etc.  Preparing expectations and plans ahead of time can help when you’re in the middle of all the chaos and don’t know which way is up


Eat something with protein in it.  (My mom would be so proud).  It’s easy to snack your way through the day at theme parks and start off the day with a donut and coffee.  But put some chicken tenders in your belly before you lose your cool.  Many restaurants offer better options these days and if your blood sugar is spiking, it’s going to add to the chaos.


Message me on Facebook and ask my opinion based on your individual needs and circumstances!  Though I don’t book travel anymore, I am always happy to chat Disney etc and spent years as a Disney trained travel agent, helping clients pick the best times for their families to travel!


So, tell me, what’s your favorite time to visit Orlando?


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