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Yoga in an Airport???

If you’ve been following me for any length of time and watch our “Travel Day” content, you’ll know we pull up to the gate, park our bags and get our stretch on!  Being 6 feet tall and having to pretzel into a teeny airplane seat usually means I’m going to be sore after.  Whether you’re a frequent traveler or embarking on a long-awaited vacation, air travel can take a toll on your body.

Hours spent sitting in cramped spaces can leave you feeling stiff, achy, and fatigued.  Add in the fact that, as a parent, you’re probably going to be holding even weirder poses when your child inevitably falls asleep on you 20 minutes before landing.

In good news, incorporating a few simple stretches and movements before and during your flight can significantly enhance your comfort and well-being. I was so thrilled to see this video from my favorite, non-judgmental yoga instructor, Adrien, pop into my email inbox!  Try this out wherever you travel and you will likely benefit from

  1. Improved Circulation
  2. Reduced Muscle Stiffness and Pain
  3. Enhanced Energy Levels
  4. Alleviation of Joint Discomfort
  5. Stress Relief

Prioritizing stretching and movement before and during your flight WILL make a difference for you and may help your kids get some wiggles out too!   The next time you’re preparing for a flight, remember to dedicate a few minutes to stretching and moving to keep your body happy and healthy throughout the journey.  And who cares if you get weird looks from anyone.  You’ll never see them again!  Safe travels!  -B


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